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The company is a enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of electric tools. Main products are electric chain saws, cutters, hammer, hand drill, angle grinder, electric scissors, engineering, drilling, die grinders, electric wrench, impact drills, polishing machine, water mill, vibrator, magnetic drilling, trimming machines, electric drill mixer, vertical grinding machines, and multiple product lines.

The company produces a number of areas involving non-ferrous metal die-casting, machining, motor manufacturing, fully equipped, has more than ten years of power tools production experience. From the mold, motor development, manufacture, assembly implement streamlined, with a strong competitive advantage in the power tool industry. Excellent quality, good reputation, good service, the same commitment to the Company by the praise and support of new and old customers. Welcome new and old customers, and negotiate business and sincere cooperation, create brilliant.

Lijian tools for the pursuit of business continuity, taking into account human dignity, and with interested parties symbiosis with glory, set the following operating principles:

one,people oriented

Good team is our most important asset. All along, we sincerely hope that more wise and competent people to join us, we will provide good pay and benefits and a comfortable working environment and career development opportunities to achieve their own ambitions to help them succeed for employees while at work have fun. We become one, you can have a good development in promising industries to create your own career.

Second, customer satisfaction

With high loyalty customers based company a critical success factor. We have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system, production of quality products to meet customer needs. Our customer complaint issues raised by customers, as a matter of first priority, it is these customers that we have had a successful business today. Their hopes and demands of our business guide to action. We strive to provide them with the highest quality, the best service and support. We welcome customers to our comments and suggestions, we take the initiative to dialogue with customers, whereby we can continue to improve our values.

Third, teamwork

Our internal organizational flexibility, there is no hierarchy, ensure that the project can be completed quickly. We rely on each other, work together to achieve our goals. We highly value transparency and loyalty as well as with our third party partners between between us. Within the company for all employees to give the necessary assistance in providing equitable work environment, staff training expertise to help employees grow.

Since its inception, has opened several stores lever tool in the country, the cumulative production and sales of over a million electric tools, garden tools, it has provided a number households products and services.

The future will continue to lever the tool based on the domestic radiation global marketing strategy, determined to build a better brand power tool industry, creating the world brand worldwide.


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